HydroFLEX ‘Unveiled’ at Rail Live

Written on the 29th July, 2019

The HydtoFLEX  train was ‘unveiled’ in June this year at the Rail Live even at the Quinton Rail Technology Centre in  the UK .  The Multiple Unit  train is powered with a hydrogen pack to a retrofit Class 319 electric train.   The development of the train is a joint venture between Porterbrook, the train leasing company, the Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education (BCRRE) and the fuel cell manufacturer, Ballard Power Systems.  The hydrogen fuel tank, fuel cells, batteries, electric motors and control system make up the basic units of the HydroFLEX.  The  train can operate in self-powered mode or it can operate on electric routes either by a third rail or 25 kV overhead power.

Proof of concept for the train has been approved and mainline railway tests will be carried out this year and in early 2020.  It is expected that the trains will be operational in 2021.  One of the lines that will test the train  is the North Cotswold line which runs between Oxford, Worcester and Hereford.

The development of the HydroFLEX train is part of the UK rail industry’s response to the UK Government’s target set last year to remove all diesel only passenger trains from the network by 2040. European Policy Solutions is organising a Conference “From Diesel to Zero : Developing the Potential of Zero Emission Trains.”  The Conference will be held in Manchester on 26 September 2019.  Stuart Hillmansen from BCRRE and Yane Laperche-Riteau from Ballard Power Systems will make presentations about the HydroFLEX train.

There will be presentations about Alstom’s Breeze retrofit hydrogen Multiple Unit and Vivarail’s and Bombardier’s  battery electric trains  at the ‘From Diesel to Zero’ Conference.  Further details and a Booking Form can be found at https://europeanpolicysolutions.com/seminars/from-diesel-to-zero/





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