New Date: “Hydrogen Strategies and Co-operation in the North Sea Region – The Maritime Dimension”: Tuesday 11 October 2022: Edinburgh

Written on the 14th August, 2022

A new date of Tuesday 11 October 2022 has been agreed for the Hydrogen Strategies and Co-operation Conference.  The Conference will be held in Edinburgh and the event is now part of the Maritime UK Week.  The original date was Thursday 23  June.  The Agenda has been modified to reflect recent developments in the strategies and in co-operation in the North Sea Region.

This One Day Conference looks at the important role played by Hydrogen Strategies and Action Plans in the North Sea Region.  The European Union and all national governments in the Region, apart from Sweden, have published strategies which have been followed by the publication of action plans and the development of key projects to deliver these strategies.  The Conference begins by looking at the aims and objectives behind these documents; the way that they are implemented, monitored and developed and the vital need for international co-operation to develop a hydrogen economy in the North Sea Region.

The Conference then outlines the UK Hydrogen Strategy and the way in which the Strategy has developed since the original document was published.  As the Conference is held in Edinburgh, we will also look at the development of a Strategy and Action Plan for Scotland and the maritime emphasis in the Plan.  The event will also look at the important role that logistics and the maritime sector will play in the German Hydrogen Strategy.

International co-operation plays an important role in national strategies as there is a need to collaborate across the North Sea in research, innovation and  logistics to enable  the creation of a North Sea hydrogen economy.  We will look at the importance of the Clydebank and Esbjerg Declarations and the Clean Hydrogen Partnership’s current Study on Hydrogen In Ports and Coastal Areas which covers the EU 27, UK and Norway.  There are also other significant agreements which will be discussed such as the agreements between Scotland and Hamburg.

The afternoon session will look at hydrogen maritime strategies and the progress of the UK Clean Maritime Plan by presenting some of the hydrogen projects that have been funded under the Plan.  The Conference concludes with a discussion about  future co-operation across the North Sea Region with a panel of experts.

A draft Agenda and further details about the Conference can be found on the European Policy Solutions website  Simply click the seminars button and this will take you to the Conference page.


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