NS HyMaP Webinar Conclusions: Large Green Hydrogen Projects in the North Sea Region

Written on the 16th June, 2021

European Policy Solutions has always published Conference Conclusions when it organised a Conference and this tradition is being repeated with NS HyMaP webinars.   The Conclusions include summaries of the presentations from Enrique Giron (FCH JU), Jasper Rigter (RWE Lead NortH2 project) and Christine Partmann (Programme Manager, AquaVentus.)  The Concluding Remarks are as follows:

The Webinar demonstrated the need for large green hydrogen projects and initiatives. They will play a key role in achieving the targets in both the EU and national hydrogen strategies.  As the technology has been proven, FCH JU funded projects have followed a trend towards larger projects which have created a pathway to commercialisation.    This is demonstrated through Hydrogen Valley projects such as Heavenn and the Green Deal Call for larger 100 MW electrolysers.

The two large green hydrogen projects showcased have much in common and the formation of large public private partnerships across the hydrogen value chain are critical for project success.   However, one project has a centralised approach to hydrogen production and the other initiative favours offshore hydrogen production with a family of inter-related projects. Both NorthH2 and AquaVentus will benefit from economies of scale and lower component costs.

The approach of both projects is a gradual one.  Both NortH2 and AquaVentus have a target of 10 GW hydrogen generation but these targets will not be reached until the 2030s with targets being set as they progresses and feasibility studies playing a critical role in the early stages of their development.  Both will develop into cross-border projects and this co-operation is an important feature of national hydrogen strategies.  Both projects/initiatives emphasise the need to match hydrogen supply with demand as the hydrogen market grows with more end-user commercial applications.  However, by the 2030s they will form part of a European Hydrogen Network and this network will be joined with equally ambitious projects across the North Sea Region.”

The full conclusions with a summary of the presentations are found here

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