UK Government’s Maritime 2050 Strategy

Written on the 21st March, 2019

The UK Government released its Maritime 2050 Strategy at the end of  January 2019. It is closely related to the Clean Maritime Plan which will be published later this year. The Plan and Strategy will feature in the Conference “Developing Hydrogen Ports and Maritime Policy in the North Sea Region” where the Department for Transport’s Morna Cannon, will speak. Morna is Head of Maritime Technology and Clean Maritime Growth.

One of Maritime 2050’s Strategic Ambitions is to lead the way by taking action on clean maritime growth so that the UK enjoys the economic benefits from being an early adopter or fast mover.   There is a link with the Government’s Industrial Strategy and, in line with this Strategy,  the Government intends to launch a number of “zero emission shipping ambitions” in the Clean Maritime Plan.  This could include the operation of a group of hydrogen or ammonia powered domestic vessels .  In addition, at least one major port in the UK will have all ship-side activity at zero emission levels and cover ships while they are in port.  This would also include the port ecosystems and machinery such as  non-road machinery like cranes and yard tractors etc.

The Government will assess the way in which economic instruments can support the transition to zero emission shipping in the medium to long term. The Government will consider the merits of introducing a medium term target for the emissions of GHGs and air pollutants from UK Shipping.  Further details on this consideration will be set out in the Clean Maritime Plan.

The Strategy outlines the sources of maritime air pollution in ports and these sources include:

  • Vessels in port
  • Port facility energy usage
  • Road vehicles
  • Non-road vehicle machinery

The Environment section of the 2050 Maritime Strategy emphasises the need for zero emission vessels and port infrastructure including the production of zero emission energy.  Many of the themes outlined in the Strategy will be developed further in the Clean Maritime Plan which will be published in Spring 2019.



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