The ene-field project ran European wide field trials for stationary fuel cells in  residential Fuel Cell Micro-CHP.  The aim was to promote practical learning and demonstrate the market potential for micro-FC-CHP.  Around a thousand units were installed in 12 EU Member States.  The Final Report concluded that the fuel cells can efficiently produce electricity and heat from natural gas. Furthermore, the large-scale rollout of FC micro-CHP units can help the EU fulfil energy policy aims and climate commitments.  In general, the greenhouse gas emissions of a FC micro-CHP are lower than those of a gas condensing boiler or heat pump in all the investigated scenarios

The project closed in October 2017 and the successor project is Pathway to a Competitive  European Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration Market (PACE).  See www.pace-energy.eu For more information on ene-field see www.enefield.eu

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