HyTransit and Highvlocity

These are both hydrogen fuel cell bus projects.  HyTransit finishes at the end of 2017 and Highvlocity a year later.   HyTransit involves the operation of four hydrogen buses in Aberdeen.  The project objective is to show that a fuel cell bus can satisfy the same operational demands as a diesel bus.   It also involved the construction and operation of a hydrogen refuelling stations and one of the project’s aims is to reduce refuelling times.

The Highvlocity project involves the operation of 14 commercial  fuel cell buses in Aberdeen, Liguria, Antwerp and Groningen together with the establishment and operation of refuelling stations.  The aim is to speed up the commercialisation of fuel cell buses and to evaluate the entire life cycle costs of the buses.

HyER is Dissemination Partner and further details about the projects can be obtained from Valentine Willmann at [email protected]

Information about both projects can be found on the Fuel Cell Bus knowledge Base www.fuelcellbuses.eu

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