Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Electro-Mobility

As hydrogen, fuel cells and electro-mobility are zero emission, they offer great possibilities in the energy transition from a fossil fuel based system.   As an ever increasing number of volume car manufacturers announce the end of petrol/diesel cars, the opportunities for zero emission vehicles increases. 

Fuel cell trains, forklifts, buses, cars and vans are at (or close to) the commercialisation stage and measures such as joint procurement can bring the cost of these vehicles down further.    In 2017, the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Joint Undertaking (FCH-JU) set up the Regional Initiative for cities and Regions looked at the Business Cases for over 25+ fuel cell transport and energy applications and demonstration projects will ensure that these come ever closer to commercialisation.   There now needs to be a real push to bring down the cost of hydrogen production to make these applications more competitive.

There will be FCH-JU Calls for projects in 2019 and 2020 and projects can spend until 2024.  The Calls are announced in February with an application deadline towards the end of April.

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